CBG Hemp oil


CBG Hemp oil

from Cannadorra.com

  • contains healing CBG
  • Support immunity, harmonize body processes
  • Anti-inflammatory, NO psychoactive effects
  • 100% legal in UK & EU

CBG hemp oil are helps against:


    Cannabis May Control Allergic Reactions

    A few studies have indicated that cannabis has properties that can regulate the immune system, effectively reducing inflammation of the skin.


    Related to TH

    The research of CBG and its healing potential was in the past, to the contrary to THC, unjustly ignored. In the last years, however it shows up that it has very interesting pharmaceutical effects. Chemically, the substances in CBG and THC are very similar with the difference that CBG is not psychoactive.


    Protects brain and CNS

    Scientific researches have shown that canabidiol protects nerve cells against the oxygen shortage and various poisons, including alcohol poisoning. It slows down cell aging and is very efficient when it comes to treatment of stroke and other brain damages.


    Offer Pain Relief

    It is a well-established fact that cannabis offers relief from acute pain. Psoriasis especially can be a painful experience due to the tender inflammatory reactions that characterize it.


    Healing cannabinoid CBG

    CBG belongs to canabinoids, which are substances that appear naturally in human body (endocannabidoids) and then only in the hemp plant.

  • CBG extract content 2% and 5%
  • THC lower than 0,2% - 100% legal product
  • 100 % organic quality

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